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Trebinase 320,000 FU’s 90 Capsules

Trebinase is a systemic enzyme that utilizes Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and more. Systemic Enzymes play a crucial role within your body by clearing toxins and debris from the blood stream while boosting your immune system. Trebinase is a product that contains an enzyme blend of serrapeptase, nattokinase, and seaprose plus co-enzymes. Trebinase is designed to remove fibrin from the body. It does this by breaking down fibrin from healthy tissue and using urine and feces to remove it from the body

Serrasolv 360 180,000 SU’s of Serrapeptase Per Capsule – 90 Capsules

Serraolv 360 is a high potency Serrapeptase supplement that contains 180,000 SU’s of enteric coated serrapeptase. Serrasolv 360 contains the optimal amount of Serrapeptase per capsule. Serrasolv 360 is gentle on the stomach and is NON-GMO and is Vegetarian friendly. With Serrasolv 360 you know exactly what you are taking.

Healthy Lungs 120 Capsules

Healthy Lungs contains 16 All Natural Chinese Herbs Formulated Specifically for Sinus, Lung, Asthma, Breathing Relief. Healthy Lungs is a complete blend and perfectly balanced blend of 16 Herbs that are all designed and formulated to help dissolve mucus and phlegm and help improve breathing. Healthy Lungs also contains Larch Tree Bark for improve lung circulation, lung function and increased airflow to the lungs.